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Material and equipment of the Company:

  •     Ready stock of temporary steel material (steel sheet piling, strut, road deck, H beam)
  •     Piling machine (hydraulic press & electric vibrating hammer  from 1.5 T to 120T, PC 400 excavator mounted vibrating hammer 350Hz, 400Hz)     
  •     Road deck panel for leasing (size 1mx2m, 1mx3m, 2mx10m)
  •     Excavators, road rollers.
  •     River barge transportation and  for steel / concrete sheet pile installation in water, rivers and canals.
  •     Crawler cranes and mobile crane of 15 tons - 100 tons
  •     Hydraulic jack for leasing from150 tons, 250 tons, 500 tons
  •     Hydraulic pile extractors of kingpost
  •     Ready stock of prefabricated strut size H300, H350, H400 and special steel combination up on request.

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